Volume Training | Eyelash Extensions

Volume Training | Eyelash Extensions
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Goals In our 1 Day Training you will learn everything what you need for your start as a... more


In our 1 Day Training you will learn everything what you need for your start as a lash stylist. Perfection trainings can be booked anytime in addition to consolidate what has been learned. Also suitable if you have already passed a training but want to discover Miss Lashes products and techniques.

Table of content

  • The history of lash extensions
  • Anatomy of the eye*
  • Hair follicles
  • Numbers and Facts around lashes
  • Allergies
  • Eye diseases
  • Materials science
  • Lash adhesives and their characteristics
  • Which adhesive suits me best?
  • Why humidity and temperature are so important
  • Lash cycle
  • Lash extensions and their different curls, lengths and thickness
  • When and why we advise against lash extensions
  • Elements from make-up art and modeling/lash mapping*
  • Taping
  • Golden Rules of hygiene
  • Lash extensions step by step
  • Q&A
  • Pricing
  • Refilling


In the morning we will focus on the theoretical part. After lunch break we will practice to create lash fans using various techniques. We will find the one technique that suits you best. In the afternoon we will work on a model together.

Certification follows Miss Lashes guidelines. (We reserve the right not to hand out a certificate.) You will receive a certificate of attendance, by mailing us 5 pictures of good lash extensions sets, you will receive your certificate.

Total time: 10 am - 6 pm (8 hours)

Every training includes meals, snacks, drinks, writing utensils, scripts and certificates. Including a student kit with an energy drink, mascara brush with a cap, notepad, pen, headband and towel. Please tell us in advance if you need a model. Inlcuding Starter Set worth 96 €