Microneedling & BB Skin training
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Microneedling: The term Microneedling refers to the treatment for problem areas of the skin... more

Microneedling: The term Microneedling refers to the treatment for problem areas of the skin using a Needling Pen. The Needling Pen is a simple, hand-held tool, which is equipped with fine stainless steel threads. Through the fine holes, it is only applicated on the skin surface and thus stimulates the new production of skin cells. The body registers these micro damages and reacts with a healing process. The body forms new collagens, which ensure elastic and supple skin.

BB Skin: The BB Skin is a kind of permanent make-up for the face. It's worked into the skin using microscopic needles and a special BB serum. With 2-3 treatments the durability is up to 8 months.

The treatment is ideal for reducing dark circles, skin discoloration, freckles, uneven skin tones, acne and sun spots. Optically refines the pores and gives a smooth and even skin appearance.


  • Definition BB Skin Treatment / Differences Microneedling
  • BB Skin - Nanoneedling
  • medical treatment process
  • using the Needling Pen
  • skin types/tones
  • treatment combinations
  • follow-up treatment / home care pricing
  • working on the model
  • hygiene
  • indications/contra indications
  • material science

Training price:

Group training 1.200 € incl. starter set

VIP training 1.490 € incl. starter set


Training materials, catering, snacks, drinks, script and certificate.

Starter Set:

1x Needle Pen

1x Primer 100ml

1x Skin Enzympeeling 50ml

1x BB Radiance light

1x BB Radiance medium

10x Nano Needles

10x 36er Needles

1x Hyaluronic Moisturizer 24H 50ml

1x Hyaluron Power concentration 50ml

1x NICLAY Hydrating Skin Gel 50ml

5x Aftercare Mask