The secret of a voluminous lash look!

In order to achieve a voluminous look, applying 10D eyelash fans is usually not enough.


A mega volume set can already be achieved with 5D eyelash fans with certain tips and tricks. Find out how you can do it! 


  • Apply extensions on every single natural eyelash! The inner and outer angles are difficult areas for most stylists, but they should never be left out. The required fullness is only achieved by applying a larger amount of lashes.
  • The number of existing natural eyelashes is decisive. With a small amount of natural eyelashes, a mega volume is hardly achievable, which is why a selection of models with strong and many natural eyelashes is advantageous.
  • Eyelash fan should be nicely opened and not stick together! If possible use the same fan width over and over again, even if it varies around 1-2D eyelashes. The maximum width of a 6D to 10/15D fan is 7mm. Wider lash fans cross each other and usually look mixed-up.
  • Keep in mind: the base of the fan should not be longer than 1-1.5mm! 

The length of the short stem plays a big role, even if the fan is wide enough, the eyelash base can appear easily incomplete and stringy.

  • Dip in adhesive only from 0.5 to a maximum of 1mm! 

The eyelash adhesive continues to work on the eyelashes and pulls itself up, so it is absolutely advisable not to dip deeper!



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