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Our Lash Shampoo has now been on the market for several years. At the beginning we had to convince our customers often times, that the usage of a lash shampoo is very important. There is one reaction of ne of my customers, that I remember to this day: „Lash shampoo? What nonsense, I use shower gel!“

Stylists, as well as customers are now aware of the importance of a lash shampoo by now. Famous pictures of lashes infested with mites or lice circulated in social media and have left shocking impressions. Nevertheless, there are still stylists that find lash shampoos unnecessary and recommend shower gels, baby shampoo or cleansing lotions instead. To clear things up, I wrote this short article.

The ingredients may vary from company to company, I refer to the Miss Lashes lash shampoo in this case. Pay attention to the ingredients to sell products to your customers with clear conscience.

Every customer should have a lash shampoo and also use it every evening, lukewarm water is enough in the morning. How should the customers clean their lashes? With our special cleansing brush and our foaming Lash Shampoo, emulsify the foam in circling motions on the eyelids and lashes. Gaps and skin in between the lashes, as well as eyelids, will be thoroughly cleansed this way. Sebum and skin flakes gather in these areas and can build a barrier between the adhesive and lashes.

Every stylist should cleanse natural lashes before the treatment, even if the customers has removed their make-up beforehand. All customers expect a good durability, that is why we as stylists have to create the perfect base for ideal adhesion of the adhesive, through extensively cleansed natural lashes. We cannot recognize any dirt or make-up residues with the naked eye, so we need to play it safe and cleanse the lashes.

Some customers use cosmetics, such as eye shadow base, make-up primer, camouflage and also mascara and eyeliner. These products contain wax / paraffins and silicones for a long-lasting effect. But these also have a tendency to crawl, so they accumulate in the lash line and can not be removed with a quick and simple cleansing. Lashes coated in these substances are not visible, so we have to clean the natural lashes thoroughly.

Miss Lashes made a conscious decision for a mild tenside. The tenside contained in the shampoo Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate ensures a thorough cleaning ability and foaming performance. It is also suitable for sensitive skin. This substance is of plant origin and is biodegradable. It has a skin- neutral pH value of 7, degreases and removes remaining dirt particles of natural lashes.

There is another tenside, inexpensive to manufacture, which is common in shower gels, soaps and har shampoos. This tenside is called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and is a strongly oil- and fat- soluble detergent. Due to its additional foaming characteristic, it is often used for body hygiene products. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is considered as skin-irritating and can lead to dehydration of the skin, which is why Miss Lashes decided against it.

In conclusion: a lash shampoo with the right ingredients can not be replaced with shower gels or baby shampoos. Baby shampoos are relubricating, since they should not be degreasing, which is why they are counterproductive for the durability of lash extensions and also the pre-treatment. Cleansing lotions contain lipids, which leave an oily film on natural lashes, that hinders ideal adhesion of lash adhesives. After cleaning the lashes with a lash shampoo, I always recommend to use a non-alcoholic primer afterwards. Learn more about this topic in our primer blog entry.

Care for your lashes to enjoy them for a long time!

Author: Angelika Herter - Miss Lashes Trainer, South Germany

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