Serum in combination with eyelash extension - an absolute must-have!

We offer you some convincible reasons why you should use a serum in combination with eyelash extensions.

First of all, it is highly recommended to use a serum without any hormones! Serums containing hormones lead to a faster growth process, which accelerates the loss of eyelashes.

This also causes the extensions to lose stability, alignment and growing out more quickly. The hormonal serum has further disadvantages. Side effects such as swelling, redness, itching and burning eyes cannot be excluded during hormonal treatment.

The hormone substance has a big effect on the natural eyelashes, so that the extensions are often rejected and thus no long durability is given.

But now let’s talk about why it’s even more important to use a hormone-free serum during eyelash extensions!

Healthy and strong natural eyelashes leads to a full and desirable result. In order to support the growth of full and stronger lashes, the serum is ideal. The eyelashes are supplied with the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

In general, the eyelash adhesive extracts a moisture content from the natural eyelashes. In addition to the weight of the extensions, which has a negative effect on weak lashes and can lead to accelerated loss.

Vegan, animal- and hormone-free, NICLAY Collagen's eyebrow and eyelash serum provides moisture and care. Panthenol and Mysteroyl support effective growth.

The NICLAY serum is oil-free, which is why it is compatible with eyelash extensions. It's super easy to use - apply on the upper and lower lashes every evening before bedtime and let it work for the night!

It can also be applied on the eyebrows.

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