Primer - the right pre-treatment

The following question has been asked many times by now, whether in social media or by stylists themselves: Should we use a primer in summer or not?

We have the answer: use primer in any case! However, there are different types of primer, which we will explain in the following.

The customers natural lashes should always be cleansed before the treatment. If your customer has already cleansed her lashes before arriving, is it not mandatory to use a lash shampoo a second time. Should there be any make-up residues left on the natural lashes, it is essential to remove them with a lash shampoo and a specific cleansing brush.

After cleansing with a lash shampoo, if this procedure took place, the next step follows: primer. First of all we would like to clarify the question, why do we actually need the primer for. A primer degreases hair follicles of natural lashes and opens up pores, which facilitates adherence of lash adhesives. Nonetheless your have to pay attention on whether your primer contains alcohol or not, since primers containing alcohol entail disadvantages during summer.

This primer degreases and opens up pores as well, but additionally removes moisture and dries natural lashes out. It is well known, that not only the temperature, but also humidity rises in summer, which causes the adhesive to dry faster than usual. So if we cleanse the natural lashes with an alcohol containing primer and try to apply lash extensions on them, the already drying adhesive can not adhere to the natural lashes, since moisture has been removed. Within several days or weeks the lashes will fall out fast, which is the reason why an alcohol containing primer is rather counterproductive during summer.

This is why a non-alcoholic primer should come into action, because it keeps the moisture of natural lashes locked. This enables the adhesives to adhere more easily because it combines with moisture and unfolds its full effect. No durability issues should occur. Another characteristic of this primer is, that it can not only be used on the lashes but also on the skin to remove excess horn-scales , so we are able to cleanse the whole lash line thoroughly to reach maximum cleansing.

You should never cleanse skin surrounding the lashes with an alcoholic primer, since the alcohol works itself through the skin and damages the roots of natural lashes on the long run. This results in damaged lashes caused by primer, not by lash extensions. However we still need an alcohol containing primer, especially in times of low humidity or for customers with oily skin types. It is known, that low humidity causes the adhesive to dry slower than usual, to counteract this, we apply an alcoholic primer on the lashes, since it can speed up the adhesives drying process. Thus we use it especially during winter, when humidity is at its lowest. It should also be used on customers with oily skin. Grease residues on lashes can cause the adhesive to dry slower or not at all, which leads to durability problems. This can be prevented by using a highly degreasin, alcohol containing primer.

If you want to use an alcoholic primer, natural lashes should still be cleaned with a non-alcohol primer, because it is the only primer which is allowed to be used for cleansing the skin. Our lash shampoo has a similar effect as our non-alcohol primer, it degreases and opens up pores, but this effect can be enhanced by using our primer. The procedure should take place as follows:

1st step: lash shampoo (if required)

2nd step: non-alcohol primer

3rd step: alcohol containing primer

Author: Angelika Herter - Miss Lashes Trainer, South Germany



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