Lash Work - working faster

There is no fixed time specification, how fast a lash stylist should work. There are stylists who need about 1,5 hours for a set, others need 3 hours. If you have been getting used to work and developed a routine, but still need as much time as you did in the beginning, these tips may help you to save time: 

  • prepare your work space before your customer arrives. Your working utensils such as tweezers and adhesive should already be prepared. Lash stripes should already be applied to a plate, adhesive should be shaken and gloves and a face mask should be placed ready to wear.
  • A  quick greeting of the customer saves time, don't include more than 5 minutes for this step.
  • Refill-customers can cleanse their lashes at home, so you don't need much time for pre-cleansing.
  • Prepare your customer quickly for the treatment, let her go to the toilet or to drink something and cover her with a blanket.
  • Put a watch near you so you can keep an eye on the time.
  • Put your cellphone on mute so you can fully concentrate on your work.
  • Apply eye pads quickly or prepare microfoam before the treatment.
  • Apply extensions on both eyes, do not finish one eye and then continue on the other.
  • Tip: apply extensions in alternation of both eyes, but not lash for lash, apply about 20 on one eye and then on the other.
  • Separate lashes without choosing a specific one and then apply the extension. 
  • Work with a faster drying adhesive and pay attention to its requirements.
  • Use a hand electric fan, it causes the adhesive to dry faster and evaporates adhesive vapors.

Do you also have your very own tips and tricks, which can facilitate faster working?

Let us know in the comments!

Author: Angelika Herter - Miss Lashes Trainerin South Germany

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