Irina & Miss Lashes - How it all started!

Often times people ask me, how I got the idea of starting my own business with lashes. Over and over I told them: „It was just boredom :slightly_smiling_face:.“, but to be honest, it was so much more. Deep in my heart I am an entrepreneur. I was always interested in all topics around entrepreneurship - it already began when I was still in school…

I started my apprenticeship as a legal assistant at the age of 16, even though I had planned something different, such as graduating and studying. After my internship at my future workplace, I was offered an apprenticeship and I approved. Retrospectively I do not regret it, since I am familiar with laws, which definitely is an advantage in entrepreneurial life. However it is a fact, that you absolutely do not have a clue what you want in life at the age of 16, and especially not when it comes to professions. Over the years I worked in several law offices and also became a legally qualified specialist within 4 semesters.

I became a young mother with 23 years, which lead me to reconsider my overall situation and start tackling tasks more organized and more concrete.

Initially I was searching for a new hobby that would fit me. I always had a weakness for beauty, only saying it makes me unbelievably happy. B-e-a-u-t-y, simply fantastic.

I was looking for lash extensions but couldn’t find anyone near me, yet I still was so keen on getting lash extensions done. However, I found a cheap course. In fact, I thought that I would be able to do lash extensions on my own lashes after absolving the course - how naive.

I told nobody about my intentions - out of fear, somebody could try to talk me out of it. Officially I visited a course on foreclosure.

I admit, my course was not professional at all. Courses in the field of law were quite different. We were always given neat scripts and the schedule was accurately organized. During the course I already thought of things I would change. They told me, I wouldn’t be as good in the practical part as the other participants, who were already working in the beauty sector. But no, I rocked it. I discovered a passion, I had never felt before. Since then, everything revolved around lashes.

I had to „come out the closet” to my loved ones and nobody thought it would be a good idea to quit my job. But I immediately knew, that the market needed more than „Made in China” and a training marathon. I’ve been dying to create something big. I gave Miss Lashes a soul. Miss Lashes is not a baby for me, I have my two kids. Miss Lashes is a majesty that saved me and that I care for day to day. Sounds awkward? Yes, it does. I still can’t believe it myself, which leads us to the topic of believing.

Did someone believe in me? Nope.

Did I believe in it? Yes.

Is this enough? Yes.

I do not want to say that it has been easy. These were some of the hardest years of my life. I admit, I would not want to relive them, but the happier I am now, that I dared to take the chance and everything worked out in the end. The hard work still goes on but I am not a lone fighter anymore. I have a wonderful team behind me. Everyone of them brings a lot of input, so this way I can dedicate myself to new projects and invest my energy to help Miss Lashes grow. I even convinced my husband, who now helps and supports me in every kind of way.

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