How do I find the right studio name?

The first step towards opening your own beauty salon is very exciting and you’re full of verve regarding the organization and planning. The studio name is also a big task. There are a couple of things you should pay attention to, since you surely want to have a beautiful name.

Eleven years ago I asked myself the question: How do I call my studio now? I thought through many names and eventually I went with „Miss Beauty“.
I had some consultations for my studio name and also read a lot about this topic, now I want to pass on my tips:

The name should…

  • Match your services, e.g. the name „MERCI“ would not indicate, that you work in the beauty industry
  • Have recognition value, it should stay in customers minds, almost like a catchy tune
  • Be quite short, if the name contains four to five words it definitely is too long, e.g. „Brow & Lash Salon by Angelika Herter“, use a maximum of two to three words.
  • Lets take popular brands as an example, such as Nike, Adidas, Evian, Glamcor or Miss Lashes, RefectoCil, Baehr Cosmetics and L’Oreal Not be based on other studio names, most names include words such as beauty, studio, lounge or salon and „by“ plus the owners name
  • Be creative and unique, the words mentioned before are not ideal to find a special name
  • Due to the immense growth of the beauty industry, it got hard to find an unique name, in earlier years you would have sound interesting with the name „Beauty World“ for example, but not under todays circumstances
  • Reach a target group
  • If you offer high quality work and want to acquire upscale customers, a name such as „Pimp my Lashes“ would not be a good choice
  • German or French names became more popular and appear elegant

I was given a good advice by a popular large scale manufacturer: „Turn your name into a brand.“ A very good tip, which I didn’t follow, but also do not regret. Great examples for this case would be Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Christian Dior, Chanel etc. The names speak for the high quality of the products.

Other suggestions: Working with women in the beauty industry is feminine, elegant and pretty. Some letters have a harsh sound to them, such as the letters R, K, T or Z. They increase hardness and decrease the elegance in a word, but of course you do not fail because of some letters! Letters such as A, E, I, L and S sound more feminine and appealing for a beauty salon.

I created two examples for you, „Annas Aesthetics“ or „Beauté & Cils“, which means beauty and lashes in French.

If you have found your name, enquire if it is free and not registered yet, chamber of crafts can help you. You should definitely register your name to prevent imitations. Be creative, achieve beauty, elegance and femininity with your name and it will be unique.

I wish you lots of success and no matter how you decide, your customers love you as a person and stylist! 


Author: Angelika Herter, Miss Lashes Trainer - Southern Germany

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