Eye pads and their impact on durability of lash extensions

There are a lot of causes that can affect the durability of lash extensions. The most common ones are usually known.

But there is one not very well-known cause - eye pads!

Eye pads were created to cover the lower lashes and also offer the opportunity to draw a lash mapping on the white fleece coating. They also make lashes appear more visible, which facilitates separating them.

Eye pads stick to the skin due to the adhesive layer, which contains ingredients such as glycerin. Glycerin has the capacity to keep the product, in this case the eye pads, moist and makes them stick to the skin. If glycerin comes into contact with water/moisture, it starts swelling due to its hydrophilic characteristic.

If eye pads are applied too close to the eyes, the adhesive layer on the eye pad edges touch the eyes and absorb tear fluid, that causes the glycerin to swell up. The swollen layer therefore touches the roots of the lower lash line - depending on the swelling, even the entire lower lash line. The natural defensive function tries to get rid of the „troublemaker“ by making eyes water, which increases the swelling. The caused irritation also worsens red eyes.

It is already known, that working in a humid condition decreases the durability of lash extensions. The direct contact of swollen pads and the therefore increased lacrimation, also cause these difficulties.

Should this case appear, remove pads and try soothing the customers eyes and dry them afterwards. Reapply new eye pads and make sure the water lines of the lower lids are uncovered. You should also consider the fact, that eye pads move upwards when the eyes are closed. For this reason, eye pads should be applied accurately and should never come in contact with eyes. In case of doubt ask your customer if she feels comfortable.

If your customer talks, laughs, coughs etc., the eye pads will move. That is why you should check their location every now and then.

Tip: Rub off the adhesive layer on the eye pad edges, for about 1mm with your fingers.

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