Keratin Lamination | 5ml | Airless Spender | 1 Piece

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How elastic and resistant our eyelashes are, depends on how intact the structure of the fibre... more

How elastic and resistant our eyelashes are, depends on how intact the structure of the fibre stem is. Since it consists of keratin, the hair proteins have an essential function - at the same time they are very tensile, elastic and flexible. They are not water-soluble and are highly resistant to external influences. Although the hair proteins are extremely resistant, they can be damaged by external influences in the long term. Small keratin gaps develop, the hair slowly loses strength and suppleness. Although our lash lifting products are manufactured as gently as possible, treatment can promote keratin loss. Reducing agents penetrate the hair and open existing cross-links between the keratin chains. With each application, proteins and lipids are removed from the hair. The hair loses its overall tensile strength. We give these lost components through our proteins in the lash botox and of course the keratin in the laminator. Eyelash dyeing also damages the keratin layer. So if the eyelashes have also been tinted during lash lifting, it is even more important to treat them with our specially designed products. 

Our Keration Laminator penetrates the hair shaft, adheres to cracks along the cuticle layer and fills the damaged hair with care substances, coats it - additionally includes the active ingredients of Lash Botox and makes the lash hair smoother and healthier again.

Main ingredients:

  • Betaine has a conditioning effect and protects against dehydration. It also increases strength of the hair
  • Collagen locks moisture - makes lashes smooth, soft, shiny and gives them density. In addition, eyelashes are smoothed and it forms a protective film.
  • Hydrolyzed wheat protein is stored in the outer keratin flakes of the hair and thus has the so-called repair effect.
  • Silk protein hydrolysate counteracts hair splitting and regulates the sebum function. The silk proteins prevent the hair from drying out and have a balancing effect on the moisture balance in the eyelash hair. It therefore prevents hair breakage.

Instructions for use:

  • Thoroughly clean natural eyelashes (with primer (alcohol-free) or with lash shampoo)
  • Choose the right size of silicone pads
  • Cover the lower lashes with eye pads
  • Apply the adhesive to the silicone pad and apply the silicone pad to the closed eyelid
  • Now fix the lashes with a suitable applicator on the silicone pads in the desired position
  • Apply Lash Lifiting Curling Lotion 1 from the roots. Avoid the lash tips. Leave for 12 minutes on thin eyelashes, 15 minutes for normal lashes and 17 minutes on strong eyelashes. Remove with a cotton pad. For optimum results, no residue of Lotion 1 should remain on the lashes. Please remove them completely
  • Apply Lotion 2 close to the lash line and leave out the lash tips. Leave to work for 7 minutes. Remove completely and thoroughly with a damp cotton pad
  • Apply a small amount of Lash Botox thinly. Allow this to act briefly. A micro-brush is best suited for this purpose
  • Then apply the keratin laminator to the lashes using a suitable applicator. Leave to dry for 1-2 minutes. Leave on eyelashes for 12 hours for best results. Then remove with the Miss Lashes Makeup Remover
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Lash Botox | Airless Spender | 1 Piece Lash Botox | Airless Spender | 1 Piece
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