About us

Miss Lashes is a beauty and lifestyle brand which develops, markets and sells cosmetic products (Made in Germany) via its web shop www.miss-lashes.de.

All products and services carry the personal values of Miss Lashes, transferring knowledge competently, exceeding quality expectations and setting worldwide trends, medical levels and standards. Additionally, Miss Lashes uncovers not only esthetics and beauty, but constantly promotes high-quality and always offers newly adjusted product and trainings.

The Miss Lashes team works daily to optimize and expand products and services. Furthermore, the success of the brand is based on a global network of professionals, trainers, stylists, studios, influencers and country representatives.

If you want to be part of this fast-growing success story, have a look at school of misses (www.schoolofmisses.de). Miss Lashes educates currently all over Europe in 1:1 basic lash extensions, volume techniques, perfection, microblading, lash forming and many more.

If you have questions, ideas or any kind of business proposal which helps us to grow and optimize our offering, please let us know.

We are happy to hear from you. Send a mail to info@miss-lashes.de


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